Free SEO Course – Quick SEO Crash Course To Help You Rank In Google?

by on May 11, 2010
in SEO

Ahh, SEO. The not to hard trick of manipulating Google to place your website at the top of a keyword phrase is difficult for most, but can be fairly easy to do. The first thing that needs to happen is that your site needs to be targeting a specific key phrase that is a bit longer, usch as “lose belly fat” as opposed to “fitness”.

This phrase should also have a significant amount of searches happening each day for it to be worth your while to SEO. I’ve tried and ranked for many words that have turned out to be pretty useless to rank for. The best words are keywords that are product names and things like that (in terms of conversion), but in terms of volume you should be looking at keywords that have about 1,000-2,000 searches per day.

I don’t go for the “low hanging fruit” anymore. My SEO skills have become too good to aim for those words, now I only go for 2-3 word keyphrases and spend more time building links. Ahh, links, backlinks, Page Rank etc, etc. Let’s look at that for a moment.

As for page rank I do not care what the competing pages are doing in the top 10 positions. I care more about if they have the word in their domain name, title, description and things like that. I also want to know how many of their links use the keyword or includes the keyword to link back to their site.

If the number is in the 1,000-2,000 backlinks range (in Yahoo) and about 1-20 in Google I see it as a pretty short term project. If only a handful of the links are using the keyword as their linkback phrase I’ve got a great opportunity to kick them out in 3-6 months time, easily.

I use to find out keyword search volume, and also install the SEO firefox addon to check backlink #.

I then use to see what keywords are in the links to the site.

I know that I can build massive amounts of links fast using Unique Article Wizard and SEO Link Vine so I’m never worried about not being able to rank if the sites have less than 500 backlinks. That’s easy pickings in my opinion! It will take me about $150 to outrank that with UAW articles and a few PLR’s put into SEO Link Vine and Kaboom you have a nice little income stream set up =)

Sweet! That’s it! A quick SEO crash course that really works =) I use this all the time and keep piling up rankings in the search engines =) Just a few submissions to these sites linking back will get you ranked above many of the sites in Google =) Keep working hard and never quit!

Triple Threat Affiliate – Alex Jeffreys Triple Threat Affiliate Is Open For A Few More Days, FREE!

by on December 2, 2009
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Hi, I just wanted to let everybody know that my good friend Alex Jeffreys (picture of us below) is releasing his Triple Threat Affiliate program for free for a few days, and let me tell you… It is VERY limited! It sold out over $600,000 in 14 days list time the doors opened, but now you get to see it for yourself here…

Click Here To Get Your Copy of  Triple Threat Affiliate Now!

Alex Jeffreys and Chris Stigson Rocking It At Frank Kerns Mass Control 2.0!

Alex Jeffreys and Chris Stigson Rocking It At Frank Kerns Mass Control 2.0!

What you’ll learn from Alex is really, really great stuff! Just listen to all the people who have tried his coaching program! You need a mentor to succeed. Somebody who has been there done that… Alex Jeffreys is a guy I’ve been following for 2 years now and modeling a lot of the methods he uses… Today my bank accounts and email lists speak for themselves.

I get paid money to be Alex Jeffreys affiliate and recommend his product, which is the same business model he will teach you. That means when you buy something from Alex, I get paid a commission on that purchase, and this is called “affiliate marketing”. Alex will teach you how to get paid as much as $500 in commission for a single sale, and I’ve made that much from his affiliate program before, per sale… I knocked out a good chunk of sales too.

I highly recommend learning from Alex Jeffreys or any of his friends, so make sure you get on the email list and learn  from these guys, as well as me! I’ve been doing this for a very long time and keep building more and more affiliate income as a result.

Click Here To Get Your Copy of  Triple Threat Affiliate Now!

Free Traffic Methods – How Free Website Traffic Makes Me Thousands Online?

by on November 27, 2009
in Traffic

I just wanted to record a video of some of the money the internet lifestyle has allowed me to earn. All with free traffic by the way! See the secret to making money online with information is to help solve immediate problems in niches where there is a lot of people wanting to give you money…

Weight loss is the perfect example. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a product that people search for over 300,000 times per month and they made over $21,000,0000 last year in ClickBank (that’s them, not affiliates). As you can imagine, that shows some potential… You can easily write up a good review site with a good pre-sell video and start driving free traffic to that website and make a lot of money =)

So whatever you do, there has to be money, and there has to be people… Then all you do is go where they go and attract them with superior marketing. Boom. You’re done =)

SEO Website Traffic Promotion Secrets Revealed

by on October 26, 2009
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My biggest mistake when it comes to website traffic promotion with the search engines has been keyword research. If you are not getting the type of ranking you want from a search engine it can be because of a few factors. One of them is bad on site optimization or bad off site optimization… Whatever happens, none of it will matter if you don’t get your initial keywords right. Trust me, I got this wrong for too long!

Your keyword could be having to few searches or too much competition, so you need to find that fine line where it requires the least effort for the biggest return on your investment. You see. I’ve got sites that I’ve worked on for literally 3-4 days that are getting thousands of visitors per month, while some I thoguht would be more successful and have worked on, what seems forever, adding backlinks, on page SEO etc, and I’m not seeing the first page of Google and most likely never will.

When you understand that some keywords just simply will not rank, and that some keywords will easily rank with a little effort yet give no results you can save yourself a lot of time.

Let’s dig into the ever popular “dog training niche”… When you look at that niche you probably start to immediately think “dog training” ,”dog training guide” etc, but what you could see if you dig deeper is that most of the dog owners will be likely to own a PUPPY if they are looking for “dog training”, so lets replace “dog training” with “puppy training”.

Let’s do a search in the Keyword research tool on Google for this term: “puppy training”.

puppy training

When we go over the keywords we see some with a lot of searches… But let’s take one that might be interesting for an information marketer who is pushing “dog training books”, so let’s look at the keyword “Puppy Training Books” it gets around 1,900 searches per month according to Google’s keyword research tool. That’s reasonable volume I would say, for a quick niche site.


That’s pretty good, and definitely not shabby at all. It could turn into a nice steady steam of profits if you got your site to reach the top of the search engines, right? Well, let’s look at the competing pages… These are just as important… If you look at many of the other keywords you’ll find a TON of competition, which is not good!

I want to do a quick “in and out” website that has the potential to rank high in the search engines…

Ok, so let’s have a look:

search engine search results

This keyword has very little competition. (Make sure you search the keyword in “quotes” when you do this. Now we have found out a few things about this keyword. It’s got a fairly high search volume, at least significant enough to maybe put some effort towards building a mini-niche blog that brings in automated income…

So let’s find a domain name for this blog: I chose, which has the keyword in the domain and .com was not availiable, perfect. This site could be a success… let’s see!

I will want to create a blog as fast as possible, so I use Fantastico in my cPanel to do so. Put in all the details etc. Now I upload a blog to the websites, get a few articles in there, doesn’t have to be many at all, but do have to relate to the niche. I also put the right keywords in the website in order to show Google’ that my site is search engine optimized for that keyword. Now I put in a few articles and what happens?

A few days later I’m ranking #6 for this keyword in “quotes”, the only sites ranking above me now is Amazon (duh), and 1 or 2 sites, so that was very fast, almost overnight. If I add just a few backlinks from high PR website now I would start to get higher rankings for this website.

Of course, this is an example of a “quick way” to find and get your site ready for the search engines. This is website traffic promotion at it’s best, and it’s free.. but there is still a lot more work to get it to rank at the very top, for this I recommend using my Free Traffic Methods course, it will show you 11 different traffic methods I use that are 100% free and drive thousands of visitors to my websites.

As you can see, I’ve spent just about 1-2 hours on this blog that I set up in this example, and it’s already getting a few visitors and the cool part I’ve got sites that have 135,000 searches per month a just a few competing pages… They are ranking HIGH and getting traffic from very high search volume terms, without further work.

So choose your keywords wisely, and they use my Free Traffic Methods to gain backlinks and drive additional free traffic to your site. This will yield in almost guaranteed free traffic for a very long time. How simple was this website traffic promotion strategy on a scale from 1-10? 10! Super easy… it’s all about the keywords… now go drive traffic and make some god damn money.

Oh, before I forget… Freakin TWEET THIS POST GOD DAMN IT! or post it on your blog and recommend Free Traffic Methods as an affiliate (I’m working on the affiliate program rigth now, stupid clickbank) and it might have to go on 1shoppingcart, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, hope you like this!

- Chris

The #1 Most Forgotten Affiliate Pre-Sell Strategy Revealed

by on October 21, 2009
in Featured Links

Have you ever heard how easy it is to make money as an affiliate? Just put up a page and drive some traffic to the website and you’ll make thousands of dollars overnight, right? Wrong! It just doesn’t work like that… you need a lot more than just a website and some traffic.

The biggest, sometimes most forgotten affiliate strategy is the pre-sell. If you are not pre-selling with either text, video or whatever, then you are missing the boat big time. In order to get the most out of your affiliate sales you need 3 compontents.

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

Guess which one is the most important factor?

Know? Naah… people buy from random people online everyday, although it really helps.

Like? Nah… people buy from people they don’t like as well, but it sure is a plus. If it’s the only solution, such as Windows, lol, then most people use it even if they don’t like it..

But the biggest ingredient is trust!

If somebody comes to your website with a problem or frustration… and you position your website in a way that is valuable and builds trust with that person you are going to be decreasing the barrier of entry.

The problem is, it’s hard to build trust online. Why? Because so many people are currently misusing trust to take advantage of people and steal their money. This is horrible, as we all know… But it’s a fact.

So in order to build more trust you have to be more transparent and give more value than your competition. Be human if you will. Be an individual with feelings, thoughts ideas and a real life.

Present your offer or solution in the best possible light, but do talk about some of the negative things about your product. Like my Free Traffic Methods product has a lot of flaws, even though it does all it says and more. Free traffic takes a little bit of time and effort to make happen. It’s not the most overnight solution, but it’s the most sustainable in my opinion.

I will make more sales and get more customers by being upfront with this fact, than trying to hide it. Understand?

Now when you are an affiliate you want to increase the trust for YOU, but also the PRODUCT in question. So a good way to do that is pre-sell by doing a video and adding some value to the visitors without expecting any monetary exchange.

Try it and see your income boost!

- Chris Stigson

Free Traffic Methods on The Way… Be On The Lookout!

by on October 21, 2009
in Products

Dear readers. I’m finishing up on the last touches of my new free traffic methods product. It’s a product designed to help you drive all the traffic you need to your website for free. I’ve spent forever producing this product and it will be made availiable on in just a week or two.

I’m currently collecting testimonials and people are loving it so far… It will also be made availiable as a Warrior Special offer (WSO) in the warrior forum. I’ve tried to create this product to be the only product on FREE traffic that you will need in the near future. There will be small updates as new methods of promotion come out, but right now it’s targeting the ones I’m currently using personally which is something I think people will appreciate.

It’s not over-hyped or tries to get you to buy it if you don’t want. It’s simply made for the person who needs more free traffic and can currently not obtain it with their current or non-exisiting strategies. I’m personally driving thousands upon thousands of visitors using the same strategies to my now 60+ niches websites, so I know it works.

Not only am I making money from this traffic, but it’s all 100% free and automated which is really cool. So if you are at all interested in obtaining thousands of targeted, free visitors to your website, affiliate link or blog and are not getting tens of thousands of visitors NOW, you’ll absolutely love this product.

It contains 12 modules with 2 videos in each module. 1 short 10-20 minute video and 1 longer “how to” video 20-40 minutes long. Can’t go wrong by pickin up a copy, that’s all I can say!

Stay tuned by coming back and joining me on Twitter, Facebook and email!

- Chris

Sales Tsunami Review – Mike Hill’s Sales Tsunami Discussed?

by on October 16, 2009
in Reviews

Hey there, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest about sales tsunami by Mike Hill… Well, in this review I want to shed some light as to what it can do for you and how you can start to see some amazing results.

Right now Mike Hill is giving away some cool FREE content on his famously newly coined term “VALUE TROJANS”.

Well, recently Mike put out a course calles CPA Tsunami which got raving reviews from tos of people who pick up a copy of it… This course quickly sold out and was taken off the market. Today it’s called Sales Tsunami, not CPA Tsunami. I guess people didn’t understand CPA as much as they would sales.

Anyway, I highly urder you to check it you, because it’s on of the mightier courses I’ve seen in a while.

=> Check It Out Here

Many people have never heard of Mike Hill, but I’ve personally met him at Rock The Kasbah Charity Event with Richard Branson roughly a year ago. I didn’t think much of him, as everyone there was very quiet about their incomes, and just there to enjoy the show.

But when I heard he was releasing CPA tsunami a few weeks back I had to check it out. Boy was it a great first look… Just the free content could be worth thousands, take a look yourself!

=> Check It Out Here

Something that might not be as good with sales tsunami is the fact that you might want some basic understanding of marketing, although you learn everything you need in the course… I always think it’s good to have made at least 1 sales online before picking up this BIG of a course.

You will also need to be ready to build a BUSINESS, not just a “website”… Mike Hill is serious about your success in Sales Tsunami, so there is no pissy-footing around, he means business. This course is not for the weak, but for the guy who wants to make hundreds of sales per DAY…

=> Check It Out Here

Anyway, I want you to know that I do get compensated for recommending this product.

Thank you and have a great day, I highly recommned anything Mike Hill puts out… It’s usually THAT GOOD!

- Chris Stigson

Dream of Driving Your Car on Water? Now a Reality With New Water Car…

by on October 16, 2009
in Wierd Stuff

I just found this crazy new invention. It’s a car. It’s a boat. It’s what you want it to be… American dreaming at it’s finest…

Keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll soon be driving one yourself, considering you want to. I don’t see a reason to buy it myself, but if you are a car/boat enthusiast you may find that this new water car that floats… Just drive it out in the water, lean back and enjoy!

You can find out more about it at

Please share this with everybody you know who would think this “automobileboat” is pretty neat…

I know I will.

- Chris

WARNING: 3 Ways To Be The Elephant Among The Monkeys…

by on October 15, 2009
in social media, Traffic

Let’s take a look at how you can be the elephant among monkeys… What does this even mean? Well it means that you are the person they see when there is a ton of monkeys around you trying to get the attention of a potential audience. See, you are in a cage of monkeys, and you are a monkey…

So as you might understand… To get the attenion of the viewers you can’t act like a monkey… You have to be different, so here are 3 ways to be the elephant among the monkeys so you can get more attention then you competition.

#1 – The Title of Your Post Cannot Be Mundane – What I’m saying here is that we have seen your titles before. They are everywhere. Your “How To Make Money Online – Easy Tips” is not something unique. It’s EVERYWHERE posted by various monkeys all day long… So how do you, in fact, make it unique, yet don’t say something that’s irrelevant and instead piss people off?

Well you make sure that you continue with the overall theme of the post title. So, let’s take one of my successful articles for example.

It was saying something like:

“Unusual Way To Make $2,155.51 Online With a Shovel?”

Of course the article was simply about making money online… but that was the title. It got a lot more attention than “how to make money online”, do you see why? Good.

Try how you stick out, it’s crazy and freaky, but it has to be done in todays marketplace. Again you could be talking about how you were selling shovels online and made this amount of money. There’s always a Twist you can come up with.

#2 – Add some spicy personality – At the zoo, (Came off from Animal Channel that’s why I’m writing this) you will most liley pay attention to movement and activity. If a monkey is wearing a hat, I’m sure you’ll look at it and say, “Oh, look how cute!” It was a monkey, much like the other ones, but it had a hat? No difference, but the hat!

Get a hat…

A big BANG or something out of the ordinary will get attention, so be out of the ordinary. Everyone else saying “This product rocks“, say “3 flaws with product X and how to fix them in 7 minutes or less“..

Are they all saying “Is product X a scam?” Say, “12 reasons I would recommend product X to my grandmother…”

So what are we learning here? Well, you need to be what the monkeys are not… There’s always a way to come up with something unique and intriguing. Hopefully you understand this concept, at the core.

#3 Proooooooooooooooooooooooooooove what you are saying- Ok, listen to this idea… Proooooooooove what you are saying, when you say it. Demonstrate. Do it in front of them. Listen. The idea of the elevator would never have been released unless they would have demonstrated it. Nobody thought it would work and that people would die if the wires broke. You probably think that too…

Well, the truth is they don’t. There’s a mechanism in it that will allow the elevator to STOP at it’s place if the wires are broken. They had to DEMONSTRATE/PROVE this with a see through wall, and cut the elevator cord in order to get the elevator approved for production…

Same thing goes online. The most sales I’ve ever made is from “demonstrations” or “proof videos”… Hands down. Because it eliminates the thought of “does it really work”? You do it in front of them and DEMONSTRATE, thus proving your case.

These are some of the ways you can stick out and be different, but I think what we learned here is that you need to be a little bit controversial, different, unique and TRY DIFFERENT STUFF. Don’t be too scared to say negative things, or use weird words. People like that.

Ok, until next time… Please Re-Tweet =)

- Chris Stigson

Project Covert Persuasion Is About To Go Live With Dylan Loh & Andrew X

by on October 13, 2009
in Featured Links

Hey all!

Today I wanted to talk to you about an important topic. It’s called persuasion. If you are not persuading people in your marketing, but instead lying or trying to “sell” stuff to people who do not want it, you are going about it the wrong way. It’s not about selling or “convincing people”, it’s about persuasion.

Persuasion is what makes you want a specific person more than another, even though they appear the same on the outside. It’s what makes you want to buy a specific product and feel good about it. It’s what makes you say to your friend that you have recently made a good decision in your business and you paid $1,000′s of dollars to learn something from somebody.

Persuasion is also celebrity. Celebrities have an immense power to persuade and “make people take certain actions”, although it’s not really what they do… Persuasion is envoking a few key emotions into your prospects minds that lead to attraction, attention and action.

Well, once you know this skill, you can use it online to persuade people into checking out your content, products, affiliate links or whatever else you want them to do, based upon their own decision. It sounds crazy, but they will want to see what you are offering when you do this.

My good friend Dylan Loh has gone together with Andrew X and created a new product called Project Covert Persuasion showing you their secrets for making millions using this power. The good part is that it’s easy to learn, but the bad part is that I thought the product was incomplete, so I went a head and created the most valuable bonus I could for this offer, since I liked it so much…

Head over to Project Covert Persuasion Review & Bonus right now to see what this is all about.

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